Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Season

Wow! It's the middle of July, already, and the weather is absolutely perfect :) I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding on Saturday and got the spend the weekend with some wonderful college friends (some of them are above). It's always nice to get together, share old stories, make new memories, get the dirt on everyone's lives, make plans.

I love weddings. I love the decorations. I love seeing the dress that I've heard all about. I love seeing the looks exchanged between the bride and groom. I love the looks exchanged between family and friends of the couple. I love weddings with a full Mass. I love all the fresh flowers. I love spending time with close friends/family. I love the joy on the couple's face when they are pronounced man and wife. And of course I love the reception afterwards. Dancing the night away is always a plus.

I'm off to Concerts on the Square tonight and the weather is going to be spectacular. The local symphony orchestra puts on a free concert every Wednesday from the middle of June through the beginning of August. The capital lawn is filled with blankets and people enjoying their glasses of wine, ice cream and whatever other snacks they brought along. It's the perfect way to celebrate the a lovely summer night.