Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outdoor fun

I love living in Wisconsin and getting to see lovely signs like the one above in the middle of the country. This sign tells you a lot about what is important up here and how far away it is. If you can't read the little brown sign it says "FAYETTE SALOON  FOOD & DRINK  OPEN TO EVERYONE" so there you go. Cheese, food & drink and pumpkins, all in one convenient little town just under 2 miles away :)

I spent a lovely holiday weekend at a friend's house on the lake. Did some kayaking, had a nice relaxing pontoon boat ride, and spent a lot of time enjoying the peacefulness of a weekend away.

I am excited for some fabulous outdoor fun in the weeks ahead. I am heading out on a day bike trip on the lovely Elroy-Sparta Trail, which I haven't been on since I was in elementary school. Also, I am hoping to do a short paddleboard lesson, just for the fun of it. Have you heard of paddleboarding? I thought it was a joke the first time I saw it, the Midwest form of surfing, but I've since changed my tune, and I will let you know, hopefully with pictures, how it is.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are trudging along through the end of May. June is almost here :) My favorite month, for so many reasons. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 7) Recipes to Try

So lately I've run across a lot of fabulous and a bit strange recipes that I really want to try so I thought I'd share some. They are all still on my to make list, so I can't actually say if they are good or not, but they sure sound fun.

~~ 1 ~~

Yes, those are ruffle potato chips on top, along with salted caramel sauce and bittersweet ganache.

~~ 2 ~~

This is just the sauce recipe, so it can be used on pulled pork, chicken, burgers, 
whatever you desire :)

~~ 3 ~~

This just seems, well, like a pretty great combination and I don't know why I didn't think of it.

~~ 4 ~~

This seems like the perfect light summer time pizza. Strawberries and bacon? Yes please :)

~~ 5 ~~

Alright, so this one isn't so strange and I have made it, but I thought it needed sharing. It's a great way to use those fresh herbs of the season and it helps spice up a quick lunch wrap.
~~ 6 ~~

This is so simple, but I'm on a feta kick right now and have a ton of cilantro, so it sounds perfect.

~~ 7 ~~
Picture & Recipe from A Cozy Kitchen
I'm not usually one to fry things, it's just too much of a mess for me and I don't like my home smelling like grease for weeks, but I do love fried pickles, so I may have to make an exception...

 Alright, that's all from me. Get outside and enjoy the extended weekend! 
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday, Wedding eddition

Today I am thankful for dear friends, new and old, beautiful weddings, calm brides (for the most part), adoring grooms, receptions full of people who dance, flights that were smooth and on time and a willing boyfriend who is always up for trying new things.

  I was Maid of Honor in a friend's wedding in Maryland over the weekend.

 Don't you love the server's face!
It was absolutely gorgeous, the bride, the weather, the wedding Mass, the Reception.

My cute boyfriend even enjoyed himself :)
It was so much fun and such a fabulous fun group of people. 

I am blessed to have added a few more friends to my life.

 A good time was had by all :)

Many of the pictures above are from one of the fabulous bridesmaids, thanks for sharing, Sam!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Bit of Summer Goodness

Hello! Happy Summer weather! I have been enjoying the sun. Spent some time in Illinois with the family and same fabulous friends. I am slowly watching my herbs grow and getting ready for some fresh pesto and salsa.

I love love love strawberry rhubarb desserts. Last night I used this strawberry rhubarb pie recipe and made a smaller 2 serving crisp. It was pretty amazing. I used a small Corningware dish (I think mine is 16 oz) and combined enough strawberries, rhubarb, sugar and corn starch to fill the dish about 2/3. I cut the topping recipe in half and cooked if for about 30 minutes. It did a bit of escaping so you may want to put a pizza pan or cookie sheet underneath to catch any drips. Then let it cool a bit, add ice cream and welcome in the beautiful season of summer!

Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 6)

No theme this week. Just the randomness of my life :) Enjoy!
~~ 1 ~~

This video is AWESOME! It's Strawberry Swing by Coldplay. Watch it and take in the awesomeness!
~~ 2 ~~
I get to spend some good quality time with my family this weekend and next weekend as well as see this totally fabulous friend of mine that is visiting the Midwest. I'm super-excited.

~~ 3 ~~
 How can you not love this guy?!

Last weekend I went up to Holy Hill for Cardinal Dolan's Thanksgiving Mass, which was wonderful, and enjoyed some great time with friends as well as a relaxing Sunday enjoying the gorgeous grounds around the Basilica. It was a great weekend.

On the Holy Hill Grounds.

~~ 4 ~~

I made these Strawberry White Chocolate Streusel Bars for our young adult group wrap-up and they were pretty great. Super sweet, but good and the best part was that I had all the ingredients on hand. Score!
Picture from
~~ 5 ~~

The local Newman Center is hosting a Wine Fest tomorrow night, complete not only with wine tasting, but also beer tasting and food stations. It's one of their main fundraisers and I hear there will be close to 300 people there. I am excited to check it out, enjoy the company, food and drinks and hopefully a wonderful overall evening.
~~ 6 ~~
I am loving that it's garage sale season. I have already picked up some great stuff, such as the vinyl album above. Love it! It is such a peppy album.

~~ 7 ~~

I finished listening to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and now I am almost done with Prince Caspian (evidently I am going through them in publication order verses chronological order, oops!). I actually like Prince Caspian better. I started listening to Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison but it was too much, a bit too real and depressing for my car rides so I switched back to children's books. Much better.

 Alright, that's all from me. Enjoy the weekend! 
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