Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Today I turn 29. The final year of my 20's, so I suppose I should make it count. To celebrate the day (and remember who I am at this moment in time) I thought I'd list 29 things that I love (in no particular order). I can be quite the random person, so it's quite the random list :) Celebrate today, do something you love.

  1. Bubbles. Seriously, people cannot be in a bad mood when blowing bubbles. Not possible.
  2. My hot fiance. I do love him so much, but I suppose I wouldn't be marrying him if I didn't...
  3. Baking. I love the whole process (when it's going smoothly of course) and I love people enjoying what I make.
  4. Family. Immediate and extended, they are all awesome and I am so blessed to have them in my life.
  5. Thunderstorms. I love the sound of rain and thunder and lightning in the distance. Beautiful and powerful.
  6. The water. Lakes, rivers, the ocean, it doesn't matter, I just love being by the water.
  7. Hiking. Being in the woods, out of earshot of the passing cars, listening to the birds. Love it!
  8. Reading. I'm a sucker for a good book (I'm all about happy endings, a good love story, an exciting true story and a well written memoir). I'll get nothing else done if I get into a book.
  9. Musicals. I love seeing a good musical at the theater. Great talent, great sets, great music and scripts =  Awesome!
  10. Canoeing and kayaking.
  11. Friends. A night in or out with a good group of friends or even just one good friend is always a perfect night.
  12. The Catholic Church. I really do love the complexity of the Church, the traditions, the universiality.
  13. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. There's nothing better than coming back from the farmer's market with bags full of great food...well maybe picking it from your own garden, but that will have to wait.
  14. Snapdragons. Like bubbles, you can not be in a bad mood if you are making a snapdragon talk.
  15. Hallmark movies and Christmas cheesy romantic movies. Always have a happy ending, always predictable. Will always put me in a better mood after watching.
  16. Exploring new places. I love stopping at the quirky small town attractions, going to a town's festival, traveling in general.
  17. National Parks. I've only been to a few, but all of them are absolutely gorgeous and make me stop and appreciate our God who created such majesty.
  18. The saints. If you know me, you have heard me mention the saints, especially my go to guy St. Joseph. Love him, love them!
  19. The Green Bay Packers. Love that the team is owned by the fans. Love that everyone in the state can tell you the score if you missed the game. Love that if you're a Packers fan you're a Packers fan, no switching because the season isn't going how you'd like it to.
  20. Badmitten. I really haven't played in a while, but I grew up playing a lot with my siblings and I just love it.
  21. Tea. Right now it's sun tea I'm drinking, but hot or cold I'm a total tea girl.
  22. Snickers Peanut Butter. At the moment it's my favorite candy bar, but I'm sure they'll come up with something new and I'll switch. But right this moment it's pretty great.
  23. Fresh herbs. I love being able to walk out on the patio and pick some herbs then continue making dinner. So good.
  24. My happy box. One of my best friends gave me a decorated box when we graduated from high school and I've filled it with letters and cards, photos and trinkets that I've been given over the years that always make me smile, make me feel loved and remind me how wonderful of a life I've had so far.
  25. Concerts on the Square. Madison offers free concerts once a week during the summer. The Madison Symphony Orchestra plays about a 1 1/2 hour concert and people just bring their picnic blankets, food and drinks and enjoy the music. A perfect summer night.
  26. Blogs. That's probably an obvious one, there are a lot of awesome people writing awesome stuff, sharing great DIY projects and tasty recipes. It's a fun world we live in. (new blog I'm loving:
  27. Bonfires. Roasting s'mores, talking with friends, moving your chair just a little closer, smelling like the fire when you walk away.
  28. Listening to acoustic guitars. There's just something about listening and watching someone play that I love. And the sing alongs that go with it are always great too.
  29. Singing. Whether it's to the radio, around the piano with my siblings, jamming out in the car with friends, in adoration, it's all beautiful and makes me happy :)
That's my list.  Love what you do, love your family and friends, love yourself.