Monday, August 27, 2012

What I've Been Up To (Summer Vol. 2)

Alright, since it's the end of August and I've been slacking on the whole actually posting regularly I thought I'd do another quick run through of my life, for all you interested folks and share some of the fun stuff I've been up to...
What I've been reading.

What I've been baking/concocting.
butterscotch chips + chocolate chips + peanut butter chips = AMAZING! 
(cleaned out my stock of chips :)

 I've made them before and had to do it again :)

What I've been making.
Remember This picnic blanket that I was going to make? Well everything is cut out, but that's as far as I've gotten, so maybe I'll finish that in September...hopefully!

I've actually been making a lot of greeting cards. Yeah, I used to it all the time but got out of the habit, picking up a card is so much quicker, but not nearly as fun and personal. Some of my current inspirations have come from Busted Button.

What I'm listening to (Music).

 Sound of Music Record
Fiddler on the Roof Record

What I'm listening to (books)

So far so good. I just started it, so we shall see...

This one I felt like everyone my age/within 10 years of my age, had read/was doing. I actually found it extremely helpful and I love that it is very Christian based.
What I've been doing to enjoy the Season of Summer.
I went with this cute boy over the weekend, and despite the rain it was a lot of fun.
Lots of Birthday Celebrations (Lots of good times at the Nitty Gritty)
Quality time with family and friends

So that's me. Hope all of you are fabulous and enjoying the end of August, end of Summer, and return to reality.