Monday, October 17, 2011

Go With the Flow

So this weekend did not go as planned. And guess what, it ended up being a wonderful weekend. To make a long story short, Friday I was supposed to go to an A Cappella concert, which ended up being sold out so I instead ended up going out with a group of friends to watch the Brewers and Cardinals play. Saturday I originally had a completely free day, but ended up helping some friends of mine move into their lovely new home (through all the chaos, stress and work of moving it's beautiful to see the excitement and contentment of a couple sitting in their 1st house, dreaming of all the memories that will be made there). Sunday I was supposed to go flying with my cousin and boyfriend, but the wind decided to pick-up (which would not have made for a very fun ride), so instead I spent the day watching football (6-0!! :), getting the grand tour of the lovely town of Prairie du Chien and laying out under the stars. It was a lovely weekend.

Picture from my trip to Ireland

So I was thinking. How wonderful the unexpected can be. We (at least I) spend so much of our time organizing and scheduling our lives, when often life takes over and our plans, well they don't quite go as planned. During these times of unexpected change I need to remember to enjoy it, to thank God for reminding me that I am not in charge (thank goodness!) and to (as my dad would say) just go with the flow. Here's to having a random going with the flow sort of day. Enjoy it!

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