Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Break Wrap-up and Happy Epiphany!

I like this picture. It does a pretty good job of summing up my family. We're a very happy crew for the most part (see the genuine smile on my dad's face :) with a lot of fun thrown in (see my brother's face, not quite sure what emotion I'd put with it, but he tends to make this face a lot).

Christmas was wonderful. The week following Christmas was wonderful. New Year's Day and Eve were wonderful. So all in all, well it was a wonderful break and holiday :)

We like our traditions at my parent's house, but we are always up for new adventures. Chestnuts (as you can see above) was one of this year's exciting new adventures. Did you know it's quite the complicated process to actually "roast chestnuts"? Head over to The Art of Manliness (I know, it cracks me up too) to see how it's done. There are knives, fire and whole lot of shakin' going on :) At my house we didn't really have the patience to hold the campfire popcorn shaker over the fire for 25 minutes, so we cheated a bit and stuck them in a rotating popcorn maker on the counter instead. Maybe there's a secret recipe that makes chestnuts amazingly delicious, if so, we didn't have it. They were alright, very interesting, glad I've done it, don't really feel the desire to do it again.

We all (me, my parents, my 2 brothers, my sister and my brother-in-law) made the road trip out to see my sister in Lincoln, Nebraska on New Year's Day. She's a School Sister of Christ the King and they had a lovely Mass to start out the day and then all of the families of the School Sisters spend the day eating and playing games and catching up. It's such a joyous occasion and they are all such beautiful witnesses of Christ's love and joy.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year's. Happy Epiphany! I do love epiphany, by the way. We had a lovely tradition when I was growing up where we'd each get to be "king" for about 10 minutes. We had 10 minutes of ordering people around, being fanned, having people bring us food, whatever we wanted. My brothers tended to make us all play Nintendo, I suppose whatever makes you happy. Enjoy the celebration, and the weekend!

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