Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes (vol. 9, because aparently last week I couldn't count)

Alright, so in the original 7 Quick Takes fashion, this post will be random, no theme this week. Just what's going on with me :)

~~ 1 ~~
I've been cooking, imagine that. I have actually been on a pizza kick lately.
You see, I have all this amazing fresh oregano that must be used in something equally amazing.

So of course, I had to make up some pizza sauce
I absolutely love this recipe. I cut back on the wine and throw in some sugar and it is pretty darn tasty.

~~ 2 ~~

See the fabulous ingredients above, fresh basil, bacon, balsamic vinegar...
well they all came together to make this fabulous pizza.
I got the recipe from over at White and Rice Couple.
I just used what I had on hand, so feta instead of blue cheese, sungold cherry tomatoes instead of the regular red, canola oil instead of olive oil (I can't believe I'm out of olive oil!). It was soooo good. The combination of flavors put this at the top of my list of favorite pizzas.
~~ 3 ~~
Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting together with some college friends. It was wonderful. I loved it. The babies were cute, the people were amazing, the food was fantastic, the conversation was excellent as always. Sadly, I failed in the picture taking department, so just the memories remain.

~~ 4 ~~
Last week (Sunday - Wednesday) I helped chaperone an awesome mission trip in our area, Love Begins Here. I went with a friend who is a local youth minister and her group of middle schoolers. It is always refreshing to see the eagerness of kids to learn more about their faith and the willingness to help others. It was a wonderful boost to my sometimes stagnant faith life.

~~ 5 ~~

The Olympics start tonight! I hope you are all going to watch and appreciate the hard work and amazing talents of the athletes from all over the world. I love it! A friend is having an opening ceremonies party so I will be there, watching it all :)

~~ 6 ~~
August starts next week. I am still trying to wrap my mind around that.

~~ 7 ~~
I have a packed weekend, all kinds of little fun stuff. A friend's birthday party, a concert in the park with the boyfriend, a visit to a friend in the lovely state of Illinois on Sunday and a day off of work on Monday. I am sure there will be much more thrown in throughout.

 Alright, that's all from me. Enjoy the weekend! 
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