Thursday, July 17, 2014

Changing It Up

So I'm changing it up a bit around here. A new header, a bit more up to date on who I currently am and where I'm headed. Not sure how this blog will change over the next year, lots of changes happening in my life, so if I keep it up it may be a bit of a rollar coaster on how roll with life's changes and all the awesome adventures that lay ahead.

For today, I'll just leave you all with a few of the recipes I've made lately and enjoyed. Happy summer everyone!

So this seemed like the odest combination, but it is AMAZING! The flavors are so great together!
I just used kosher salt and left off the pepper. Such a perfect summer "salad"!

Mini Pies - Cherry & Strawberry-Raspberry
why yes, that is the state of Wisconsin on top of 2 pies :)

Sorry, I don't have a recipe for these guys. I used the recipe out of the Better Home and Gardens cookbook. My fiance had requested cherry pie for his birthday so I printed out a ton of recipes and ended up just using the simple one from my cookbook. Perfect with ice cream!

 So I did make this sauce to go on a burger, which was wonderful, but found that if I add it to my wraps (with some lettuce/spinach, tomatoes, ham and mozerella) then it's so so good!

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