Thursday, April 18, 2013

What I've Been Up To (The Rainy April Day Edition)

So I decided another quick round-up of my life was the easiest way to get caught up in a hurry.  A lot happens in a month. I'm ready for Spring (green grass and blooming flowers Spring, we've got the rainy part down), I'm ready to play outside and dare I say it, I'm ready for Summer. But anyways, that can all wait, here's what has been keeping me busy.

What I've been reading.

Okay, so this is one is a combination of prep reading, watching a DVD segment and discussion with a small group, but I wanted to share because so far it is really great. If you have ever been curious about the origins of the Catholic Church, then you should look into this and see if any of the churches in your area are doing the study. Good stuff!

What I've been baking

What I've been making.
A baby blanket :) So many friends are expecting, it's always fun to think of their new little one and pick fabrics and make something they will hopefully love.
I've been trying to do some catch-up on scrapbook pages, so whenever I have a free afternoon/evening (which is oh-so-often ;)

What I'm listening to (Music).

I am loving Darius Rucker's song "Wagon Wheel" (wasn't a big fan in the beginning, but love it now)

I watched a bit of the ACMs (Academy of Country Music Awards) and loved Hunter Hayes' new song "I Want Crazy"

What I've been doing to enjoy these past few rainy months

I went down to Illinois for Easter with my parents and brothers. It was a great and very relaxing few days.
My mom is super cute and made these bunnies to go with our lunch.
My brother and I threw a Mad Hatter Unbirthday Party. It was tons of fun, unfrotunately I only took one picture, at the very end of the party.
Apparently Nintendo brings everyone together

I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with friends lately, which has been wonderful. I live close (within an hour and a half) of all of them but haven't seen many of them for months, so is life I suppose, but it was lovely catching up. I am so blessed with so many amazing friends, far and near!

So that's me. Hope all of you are fabulous and enjoying April and the promise of Spring. Oh and since it's been forever since I have posted, yay for our "new" Pope Francis! I am loving all I have been hearing about him and his love of the poor.

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