Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's been a long time since I've done one of these so I thought today would be a perfect day, after all everyday is a good day to be thankful!
At this moment I am thankful for...

(1) Beautiful weather. This past weekend and the beginning of this week were absolutely gorgeous! I had the chance to get out and bike on the great trails around town.
 (2) Fun new recipes. I actually had time too bake, so of course a new donut recipe was a must. The above Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts were amazing and soooo easy. They were sweet enough so I didn't even bother with the glaze.

(3) Plans. I feel like this week has been a lot of finally getting dates set for get togethers with both family and friends that will be happening this summer/early fall. I love having things to look forward as well as having a few free weekends to do whatever comes up.

(4) This guy. I'm thankful that God sent me someone that remembers the foods I like, loves to surprise me and will say or do just about anything to make me smile/laugh, will take me to get Tylenol and ice cream when I'm having a bad day, randomly brings me flowers, calls every night to say good night, and is a great kitchen assistant when I'm cooking. Yeah, he's pretty great.

(5) Good Friends.
(6) A healthy body.  This week at work has been filled with funerals. I am thankful that I can ride my bike, canoe and hike without a problem. That those closest to me aren't healthy for the most part. Life is precious and I am extremely thankful for each day that God gives me.

(7) Enough money to pay for car repairs. My car had to have a minor part replaced, which was annoying and of course cost more than I wanted to pay, but I am thankful that I didn't have to choose between paying the electric bill or buying groceries, as so many in our country do.

Alright, that's it for me. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

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