Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Five Favorites (vol. 1)

It's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd join Hallie over at MoxieWife for her Five Favorites link up.

Here's my 5 favorite pics from some awesome adventures over the past couple of months.

 One of my best friends got married a couple of weeks ago. Even though this shot is blurry I love the look on their faces.

This is the crew I hung out with the weekend of the wedding. 4 different states, all awesome people.

Easter Sunday I was blessed to become Godmother for this beautiful little boy. This is the first time I met him, a week before he was baptized.

I love the water, I love the ocean and lakes and rivers and just being near it all. I got to visit this lovely friend out in South Carolina and so we of course spent lots of time walking along the beach. It's cold, yes, but we still walked for hours.

Also when I was in South Carolina we visited Charleston Tea Plantation. This picture shows some lovely Spanish moss and the tea plants in the background. Tea is awesome and tea grown in America is even better ;)

Another dear dear friend (my maid of honor) is getting married in less than a month! We had a great shower with some beautiful friends, it's always fun to get together with these women!

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