Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Ireland is beautiful, and I loved every second I was over there and I can't wait to go back, although I don't think it'll be for at least a little while. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. The above picture was taken on the bridge that John Wayne sits on at the beginning of "The Quiet Man".

This Cathedral, St. Mary's, is in the lovely city of Killarney and is absolutely beautiful inside.
This statue, King Puck, commemorates the annual Puck Fair held in the town of Killorglin.

The Cliffs of Moher!! Oh I absolutely loved these. They drop 700 feet into the churning water below. Beautiful!

The sheep really are everywhere. I even watched a sheep herding demonstration while I was there. Our sheep growing up could learn a few things from the tough Irish sheep!

Because of the rocky soil and just plain excessive amount of rocks found everywhere over there, there were lots and lots of beautiful stone fences marking property lines and keeping in livestock.

Gallway! Oh I loved this beautiful city. It's fun to walk around and has a lot of great places to visit and fabulous live music at night.

Kylemore Abbey. This lovely mansion was built as a gift! Not too shabby.

All in all I think we covered all the big touristy spots in the Republic of Ireland, but there is still so much to see and I'd eventually love to get up to Northern Ireland as well.  Here's a song that I heard a lot while I was over there and it's just fun to tap your toe to or sing along, if you know the words.

My final picture is just for fun. I took it while walking around in Gallway and just love it. I'm thinking it'll end up in a frame on my wall :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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