Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm going to Ireland. I think it's finally starting to settle in, which is helpful since I leave in a week. I'm excited about the adventure, I've never been overseas and I'm going by myself, so I hope to come back with all kinds of fun stories and pictures and a list of places to visit the next time I go :) I'm blessed that I am able to go, that I work somewhere that I can take off long enough for a trip overseas, that I know numerous people who have been and loved Ireland and have given me recommendations and warnings. So yeah, it should be good times :)
A couple of my friends recently lost their baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy. They had a beautiful funeral earlier this week and hundreds of people came to show their love and support for the three of them. I pray that if anything like that ever happens to me that I will have the grace and faith to face it like these two amazing parents did. I am still and will always be in awe of them. May God continue to bless this them, they are such a beautiful example to the world.
I've been sharing a lot of music lately, and yes, I have another group for you today :) This singer has some fun and upbeat songs as well as some mellow music. The singer is Tift Merritt, check her out!
Hopes too High
It's Holy Week, in case you missed it ;) Enjoy the Easter Triduum, it's a wonderful time to take a closer look at what it means to be a Christian and how much our Lord loves us. On that note...
At this moment I am thankful for...
(1) Holy Week. I love the traditions of the Catholic Church. Each Mass or service done in rememberance of what Christ went through. It's a week I should spend more time remembering the rest of the year.
(2) Ice cream :) It always makes me happy and despite what some people may say, is fabulous anytime of the year, despite how cold it is outside.
(3) Faith. The faith that I have, the faith of my friends and family. A life lived in faith is filled with joy, with hope and love and that's the kind of life that I choose to live.
(4) Bubbles. Everyone should have a bottle of bubbles handy, incase of mood/stress emergencies. I watched a friend's 21 month old the other day and he loved loved loved chasing after bubbles. They are fabulous, no matter how old you are. 
(5) Strawberry Limeade. They are fabulous, I'm addicted. They make me think of warmer weather. So good!
(6) Hobby Lobby. I was there a few days ago with a couple of my fabulous friends and I just love that store. I love that they're closed on Sundays too.
(7) Cookie dough. Every girl should keep a container in the freezer, incase of emergencies.

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Jackie said...

what?? Wow, I am soo jealous! We are trying to save for a trip in a couple years. We have family friends that will be in Ireland in May as well as John's sister. When will you be back? When are you leaving?