Friday, April 1, 2011

Love as they loved

I found this picture a while ago and have no idea where it came from but I absolutely love it. It's a beutiful portrayal of the Holy Family with a bit of a more modern twist. I love the look between Mary and Joseph. I love the placement of her hand on his arm. You can just feel the love, the uncertinty of things to come, the trust, the strength, the encouragement. There is just so much emotion, it's beautiful, and if I ever find it's origin again I would love to order a print and share the mast behind the work with all of you.

During this Lenten season I think it's good to reflect on Jesus' entry into this world. On the family that brought Him up. On our own families and relationships. We need to remember what a gift life is. What a gift each day is and remember to love as Mary and Joseph loved, as Jesus loved us.

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Jackie said...

I really like it too. I am sure you will stumble across it one day and will be absolutely thrilled to find it's origin! This happened to me once when I saw a beautiful image of John Paul II and Our Lady of Guadalupe while driving through Mexico. I think someone was selling it along side the road or something. The image had such a profound impact on me. At the time we couldn't stop, but I later found the image in New Mexico in a Catholic store and was thrilled! I have never seen it since anywhere else!