Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 4) the Recipe Edition

I love to bake and cook. I love trying new recipes and making family favorites. I am not so good at the whole making up recipes and I have recently only been keeping recipes that I absolutely love. I admire those that can try a recipe and see the potential in it and then have the patience to keep remaking it until it is perfect. That's not me. Here are some of my recent or not so recent tried and true recipes that (in my humble opinion) do not need much tweaking. In no particular order...

~~ 1 ~~

This is a fallback recipe for me. A great spring/summer morning bread. I love it

~~ 2 ~~

I've made this recipe a few times and it's always turned out great. The fabulous part is that it makes two loaves so you can throw one in the freezer for later (always a plus).

~~ 3 ~~

I love this recipe! It's easy and tastes so good. It's great fun chicken recipe with a little kick.

~~ 4 ~~

I'm big on my soups. There's nothing better on a chilly day then a bowl of homemade soup. This is my go to potato soup recipe at the moment. We even made a meatless version when my brother-in-law was visiting (substitute the chicken broth for veggie broth) and it turned out pretty well.

~~ 5 ~~

I love snacking on granola, never used to, but I do now. I love that you can throw in whatever you want, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, etc. This recipe makes some great snacking food!

~~ 6 ~~

I always have this in the fridge. It's easy to throw together, has a great kick (I even leave out the jalapenos) and you can easily use all the fresh produce, adding in whatever you have on hand.

~~ 7 ~~

I have made a few different versions of these. My favorite thus far is German chocolate cake mix with butterscotch chips. So good!


I have no plans for tomorrow. If the weather continues to be cloudy and not so pleasant, I see a lovely day of cooking ahead of me :) Maybe I can tackle some of the fabulous recipes I've printed out but haven't had a chance to try...The weekend is looking pretty darn good right now :)

 Alright, that's all from me. Enjoy the weekend! 
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Catholic Cookie Jar said...

Oh my goodness, those Can't Leave Alone Bars look so amazing! Have a great weekend! :)

Jackie said...

I'm going to try the bread and the granola looks AMAzing!