Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

So it has been a crazy busy few weeks, but it has been wonderful. I was able to visit with a lot of dear friends from college last week/weekend and marvel at how we have all grown and changed. It is beautiful to see the life that God has laid out and to see how everyone is living out the life they are meant to live. God is good.

Sister Hazel, Green (Welcome to the World)~Which has nothing to do with anything but it's a fun song :)

It is a dark rainy day here so I am in a bit of a mellow mood. I am looking forward to the sun. To farmers markets and canoeing. But for now, I will enjoy the few trees that are still blooming, the tulips and the chirping birds of spring.

At this moment I am thankful for...
(1) Friends. I am so thankful that as I move along with the changes of life and adapt to the changes in myself that I have so many dear friends I can journey with. Grow with. Rely on. I am blessed!

(2) Easter Candy. I am thankful for Reese's Eggs, for Peeps and Malted Milk Eggs. And I am thankful that they are only a once a year thing and will shortly be gone from my apartment.

(3) The reminder that we are in the most joyful season of the year. As a friend said, "we should be partying everyday" for 50 days! Christ rose from the dead! Alleluia!

(4) Autobiographies and Biographies. I love learning about peoples' lives and we are so blessed to have so many books and movies about great individuals to inspire us. The saints, the great inventors, writers, thinkers of all time. Go be inspired!

(5) The crazy crew above. I teach the preschool Sunday school class at my church. This is about half of the kids. I am thankful for their enthusiasm (they really were excited, despite some of the faces in the picture), for their childlike faith, for their trust. And I'm thankful I only have them for an hour :)

(6) The unexpected. I am thankful for the surprises in life that prove I am loved, that prove God exists, that lead to new experiences and new friends. (No, there is not a current story that led to this comment, I'm just being nostalgic and expectant.)

(7) Plans. I am thankful that I have upcoming plans with friends. Plans that will include great food, fun games and of course some fabulous conversations.

Happy Thursday everyone! Enjoy the day!

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