Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Joy

Happy Easter! I love Easter. It's the party of the year. A season of rejoicing. A time to realize how strong we are and how blessed we are. A time reminder the good really does win out over evil. Love conquers all. Enjoy this time. Enjoy the beautiful person that God has created you to be and the wonderful people He has placed in your life.

On a totally different note...Have you seen this video? If not, you will in a second :) I love love love watching people play the guitar, and 5 different people playing at once, well it's pretty amazing and sounds surprisingly awesome.

Someone I Used to Know performed by Walk off the Earth

Just thought I'd share a bit of music love this lovely Tuesday. Enjoy the day!

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Christine said...

Oh my gosh! I just found Walk off the Earth today when I stumbled across their rendition of "Little Boxes." I thought their videos were totally amazing, so I wrote a little post about it. Small world, huh?