Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Good Leader", an oxymoron?

So today I decided that I am very much a doer, although the problem is I don't always have the answers/resources to make things happen, which leads to a bit of frustration on my end.  It's like the leaders and followers.  Sometimes the leaders need a break and just want to be a follower, just for a day, but it never turns out well, no I can tell you from personal experience that it just doesn't turn out well.  So I've been contemplating what it means to truly be a good leader.  A leader is one that makes things happen, one that can organize people, one that can deal with conflict in a productive way.  I mean anyone can make things happen if they have the right connections/resources/personality but just because they can make it happen doesn't mean that they are a good leader.  I see this a lot in my job, in the community I live, for goodness sake I see it in those leading our country and other countries.  I will acknowledge that not everyone who is in a leadership position asked to be there, no some were thrown into the position, often because of a lack of options, but sometimes because others could see the leadership that the individual couldn't.  So I guess my point of all this rambling is to pose another question (this blog is becoming filled with questions).  What leader do you look up to and why?  Or if that's too tough of a question to answer, what are the qualities that you look for in a "good leader".  Do those running our towns, our state, our country possess these qualities?  Just a bit of food for thought on this Wednesday night. 

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