Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Bit of Country

I'm a huge music lover.  I listen to just about everything, from oldies to contemporary christian, everything except heavy metal and most rock.  So if you were to go through the presets in my car you'd find a gamat of options, but the majority of those options are country.  Country is one of those genras that people either love or hate, there's not a lot of middle ground.  I love country for a few reasons.  1) I can relate to a lot of the songs.  I grew up in the country and that's where my heart will always be. 2) It's real.  The lyrics are straight forward and cover a range of emotions.  3) There's religion at the root of many of the country songs.  Something you can't find in many of the "pop" songs.
Last night I attended a fabous concert with three great country singers, Lee Brice, Steve Holy and Chuck Wicks (above in the picture).  The guys all sat on stage with their guitars and a back up singer or two (also equiped with a guitar) and just sang.  Those are the concerts I love.  A laid back evening where everyone is having fun.  If you haven't heard of the above guys you should check them out, I am now a huge Lee Brice fan, he was fabulous. 

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Jackie said...

Sounds fun! I sent you a link to some pictures of some family friends who also went to this :)