Monday, March 21, 2011

Cooking and Climbing

I did a bit of cooking over ther weekend, surprise surprise :) Didn't get to any of the sewing, but I will eventually, atleast that's the plan... Oh! and I found a couple of great finds at a local thrift store that are just screaming for a bit of black paint, turquoise scrapbook paper and black board paint. Oh yes, it'll be great, but you'll have to wait for that. I found this recipe for "Best Ever Chewy Granola Bars" which of course I had to make and to tell you the truth, they were pretty darn fabulous, the jury is still out about the "best ever" part, but definitely worth keeping the recipe and adding some more goodies to.

Week 2 of my friend's Cooking Challenge introduced me to this wonderful recipe for Rigatoni alla Vodka which has some pretty fabulous flavor going on. Not such a fan of the Pancetta, but that could just be me and my nonexistent skill for cooking with it, or eating it all together.

I watched a lot of basketball on Saturday night. I suppose it is that time of year and one can't help but get caught-up in all the excitement, the anticipation, the nailbitters and all that jazz. I'm not usually one to watch basketball, but I must say that I loved the games that I've seen recently. They've all been really close well played games. Also on Saturday, I enjoyed a bit of rock climbing. Now let me clarify before I go any furthur. That's INDOOR rock climbing, with a rope, on a nice cushy floor. The perfect kind. I've been a few times before and love it, but think if I ever did it in real life, you know, out where I could actually fall and, well die, then I would have to take classes for, oh, at least 5 years. So for now, I'll enjoy my cushy climbing :)

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