Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life and Love

So I volunteer at a lovely organization called CareNet  (if you've never heard of it then you should definitely check it out and see if there's one in your area).  I've found that it helps me to keep things in perspective, gives me a glimpse of how God can work in any and every situation and is something that I've truly come to enjoy.  When I was at my parents' house over Christmas my dad asked me "What's your cause?"  I'm used to random questions from my father, but this was a bit deeper than usual.  At the time I wasn't sure, but I think at the moment, my causes are Life and Love.  These two SHOULD go hand in hand, I believe that all ProLifers should be motivated by not just a love for the helpless individual that may be hanging in the balance of this world and next, but also for the individuals who are making those decisions (check out this amazing interview by Jennifer over at Conversion Diary).  Christ calls us to love one another.  He calls it the greatest commandment, for if we truly love one another, ourselves and God, then we wouldn't be breaking any of the other commandments either.  Love is truly the root of all.  But anyways, back to Life and Love, I think that our world is in dire need of love.  Not a love that comes with strings attached, not a selfish love, a love that is pure, that does not judge. One that expects nothing in return.  So that's my goal, something I think we should all strive for, to truly love all those we come in contact with.  To leave all judgementalness behind and see everyone we meet as a child of God.  I know it's a pretty tall order, but we should all be striving for greatness, striving to "be the best version of yourself" as Matthew Kelly would say. So what's your cause?  How will you change the world?

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