Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've done a bit of cooking lately, which is always fun. Some thriftstore hunting, which was oh so successful. Spent some time with family, which is always enjoyable. And now have spring fever and so am working on a little spring craft project.

Friday I made this fabulous Hot Crab Dip from over at The Pioneer Woman. You should definitely check it out if you have any sort of gathering coming up that needs a killer appetizer.  Also, one of my friends is doing a little food challenge over at her blog (check it out!) so I whipped up some asparagus, which made me yearn for springtime and the farmer's market.

I found a delightful dropleaf sewing table at the thrift store, along with a coffee table. I've got grand plans for the coffee table, as well as a cabinet in my bathroom, but alas I must wait for warmer weather so I can paint them outside and let them dry. So for now, it's all in my head, we'll see how much things change from now until the time it's actually warm enough to paint outside...

I'm making some good ol' Irish food tonight, recipes and hopefully pictures to come soon.


Jackie said...

Which one of the dips did you try? I love avocados so I would prob really like the second! I am going to make the snicker doodle muffins this weekend.

K. Mae said...

I tried the other dip, although the avocado one sounds fabulous as well. You'll have to let me know how the snicker doodle muffins work out, they look like they would be amazing!